The main symptoms of diabetes include significantly increased thirst, having to urinate more often than usual and increased hunger.

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases seen as a high blood sugar (glucose) levels that derive from defects in insulin secretion, or its action, or both. The main symptoms of diabetes include significantly increased thirst, having to urinate more often than usual and increased hunger. Early detection and management of diabetes can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.

Most of the signs of Type 1 and kind 2 diabetes are similar. Both in, there is too much glucose within the blood and not enough within the cells of your body. High blood sugar levels in Type I result from a lack of insulin because the insulin producing cells happen to be destroyed. The following symptoms of diabetes are normal. However, some people with diabetes type 2 have symptoms so mild they go unnoticed.

Common Signs/Symptoms

Unexplained Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss is one of the common type 1 diabetes symptoms in women. With this type of diabetes, the body is unable to use all the calories the food provides, even though the person follows a healthy diet plan. Due to this, the person loses weight, even without trying to do so.

Visit The Washroom Frequently

Another symptom that is seen in both types of diabetes may be the feeling the need to visit the washroom frequently. Your body tries to get rid of the excess sugar with the urine and hence, one feels the necessity to urinate within very short amounts of time.

Thirst And Urination

As excessive urination not just eliminates the extra sugar present in the body, but also large amounts water, the individual may suffer from the problem of dehydration. For this reason, she may experience excessive thirst and urination during the day which is another symptom of diabetes in women.

Excessive Eating

One of the typical type 2 diabetes symptoms in women is excessive eating i.e. polyphagia. Whenever a person has this type of diabetes, the amount of insulin is very high in the body. As insulin aids in stimulating hunger, too much of insulin in the body may make the individual feel hungry and also make her eat more.

Skin Infections

Another symptom of diabetes that’s seen in women is the occurrence of skin infections as well as vaginal yeast infection. Women with diabetes could also experience urinary tract infections very frequently.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Symptoms of Diabetes

Areas of Darkened Skin

Some people with type 2 diabetes have patches of dark, velvety skin within the folds and creases of the bodies usually within the armpits and neck. This problem, called acanthosis nigricans, may be a sign of insulin resistance.

High Blood Pressure

In case of gestational diabetes, no overt sign may occur. However, if a pregnant woman has high blood pressure, there are chances that she is struggling with gestational diabetes.